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Vintage Audio Shack - Repair, parts, sale of vintage audio

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Sales and Service of vintage audio equipment, parts, restorations, Pioneer, Teac, Sony, Marantz, Sansui, Reel to reel, receivers, tape decks, Ect... Here at the Vintage Audio Shack we are committed to great service and supply resourceful products for your needs. We specialize in the repair of Vintage audio equipment. We also carry a number of parts for your do-it-yourself projects. We have been in the Vintage repair business for over 10 years now and we have expert technicians that offer a quality service for your vintage audio equipment. We Service most vintage audio equipment, Cassette decks, Receivers, Reel to reels, ect.. So if you have that old dusty reel to reel or receiver that has been hidden away for the last 5 years, maybe you want to bring it back to speed, so please let us know and we can bring your vintage audio equipment back to life for you.

Geographic Area

Vintage repair

Line of Business

Business Services > General Business Services > Electronic Commerce

Brands We Carry

Teac, Pioneer, Marantz, Akai, Tascan, sony

Products And Services

Repair, Restoration, Sales, Receivers, reel to reel, parts, belts, tape deck, cassette deck, Service manuals


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Also: Cash, Checks

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